Would you believe that Barcelona, also referred to as “New Amsterdam,” is a leading cannabis tourism destination? Though not everywhere, marijuana use is safe and legal here. If you visit this unusual location in Europe, however, you can also join cannabis clubs Barcelona or cultivate and consume cannabis in secret at home.

How to sign up for the cannabis clubs Barcelona

  • Pick a club from our map or list.
  • After selecting “Apply for membership,” fill out the form.
  • Await receiving an invitation at your email address.
  • Proceed to the club, present your ID at the front desk and the invitation.
  • Take out a membership annually and receive your club card

Does Spain have legal marijuana?

To put it briefly, in Spanish law:

  • Selling or purchasing marijuana, hashish, and other cannabis products is prohibited;
  • It is not permitted to own, store, or handle marijuana or its derivatives;
  • It is forbidden to use marijuana in places that are open to the public and visible to others.
  • Despite the legal restrictions that you should be aware of, it is also mentioned that:
  • It is permissible to cultivate two plants and use cannabis in a private setting as long as you keep your distance from others;
  • Joining cannabis clubs Barcelona and using cannabis and its products inside is legal (this is not the same as going to a coffee shop).

Cannabis clubs Barcelona: what are they?

Cannabis clubs, also known as Las Asociaciones de Cannabis or Cannabis Social Clubs, are nonprofit, social, and recreational groups that cultivate and donate marijuana for members to enjoy and consume alone among themselves.

The club is exclusively accessible to its members; it is a private, closed organization. Only those who are sponsored by an already active association member or who have the club’s endorsement are eligible for membership.

This implies you cannot just show up without an invitation; otherwise, you risk being sent away. There is a significant distinction between Amsterdam’s public coffee shops and Spanish cannabis clubs.

What makes membership required?

Although it looks somewhat complex, it is actually much easier than it seems at first. Formalities such as invitations, referrals from current members, and club memberships are required to comply with the stringent legal requirements.

You must pay a yearly membership fee, usually 20€, to join the club. An additional payment of 10-15€ for strains and up to 50€ for extracts and concentrates is required if you would like to get 1 gram of marijuana.

Where can I locate local cannabis clubs?

Located amidst the city’s renowned landmarks, Barcelona boasts over 200 exclusive cannabis clubs. You may locate cannabis clubs close to well-known neighborhoods.

Who is eligible to join cannabis clubs Barcelona?

Age is an important consideration, with minimum limitations of 18 to 21. A passport or comparable identification is required in order to join a cannabis club. In order to join a cannabis clubs Barcelona, you do not have to be a citizen of Spain.

When do cannabis clubs start and end?

Cannabis clubs Barcelona are typically open from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., seven days a week. They may also be open on federal holidays. These are subject to change. Get the most recent information by reading the club reviews.

Best Barcelona Social Clubs

Weed Club G13

• Adjacent to Sagrada La Familia

• An attractive interior

• Attention to the menu for strain

• Skilled personnel

Among the most well-known and accessible clubs in BCN, G13 offers great music, something many cannabis clubs Barcelona don’t do. Regular DJs spinning everything from techno to reggae are available, and if you follow them on social media, you can frequently catch a glimpse of surprise guests. Spending time in this cannabis club located in Barcelona is quite enjoyable.

Club Dragon Weed

• Half an hour to Casa Milà

• Chairs, tables, and roomy

• Edibles, oils, and strains

• Very understanding

Located in Barcelona’s “Example” neighborhood, “Dragon Weed Club Barcelona” is another cannabis club renowned for its premium cannabis. It’s one of the few widely recognized cannabis clubs in this part of Barcelona, and it’s close to the Plaça de Catalunya, Casa Milà, Catedral de Barcelona, and the main thoroughfare Avinguda Diagonal. The coffee shop, which used to be a very exclusive and closed-off BCN cannabis club, has become considerably more transparent regarding memberships.

Barcelona Espresso

• Within the city’s core

• Generous seating section

• An assortment of goods

• A welcoming staff

Barcelona Coffeeshop is located in the center of Barcelona’s Eixample neighborhood. Finding the top cannabis clubs Barcelona’s Example neighborhood might be challenging because there are so many of them. One of the trendiest and most laid-back parts of the city, its narrow streets are lined with delicious restaurants and fascinating historical sites. When high, it’s a terrific spot to stroll around; when you’re hungry, it’s even better. The Barcelona Coffeeshop is among the greatest in this neighborhood, and its setting is ideal for taking advantage of all the sights nearby.

Barcelona Club of marijuana

• Along the Avinguda Diagonal

• Not very large

• Edibles, oils, prerolls, etc.

• Extremely friendly

Situated in the neighborhood of Park Diagonal Mar, Marijuana Barcelona Club is a hidden gem. Additionally, Avinguda Diagonal and Platja de Llevant are relatively close by. Although this cannabis club’s location is one of its most vital points, it is not its only selling feature. Another thing that makes the Marijuana Barcelona Club well-known is its premium strains of marijuana.

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